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"Using Diane Harrison’s Prophetic Team Workbook and the accompanying instructor’s manual as a curriculum and guide, our church developed and launched a well-organized prophetic ministry team in one year. At a recent worship night at River City Church, our team of 18 provided prophetic ministry for 33 people! The excitement and joy in the room was palpable. Drawing from the wealth of her experience, Diane demystifies the gift of prophecy by offering a biblical foundation, structure, and plenty of practical exercises. After just six weeks, our newest group of trainees moved from knowing very little about this gift to actively operating in it. I highly recommend this unique workbook for any church that wants the gift of prophecy to flourish and develop in their congregation."

Susanne Maynes

Lewiston, ID

Training Videos


Tips on Prophetic Technique (31:32)

This teaching gives practical tips to help you  increase and improve your “prophetic flow” in delivering prophecy. It is targeted for those that are already flowing in the gift of prophecy, but want to  strengthen their  prophetic delivery. As a seasoned prophesier, myself, these tips are the things I have learned and observed where prophetic delivery could be sharper. The tips given are based on my 25 years of prophetic experience, in my practice observations .

Giving & Receiving Feedback (30:15)

Giving feedback is a necessary skill for those leading, coaching , mentoring in prophetic ministry. For individuals growing in the prophetic, its helpful to know what  look for in a mentor or instructor. Ultimately a teaching-learning experience must be built on relationship. Diane also  shares how to handle when  a mistake is made in prophetic ministry.

Discernment (20:27)

This is a now word for us as prophetic people. The Holy Spirit is giving us opportunity to upgrade our discernment ultimately to be a blessing to the church body. We want to model strength and joy and not get stuck in this time of transition. We want increased discernment to walk in a Holy Spirit lifestyle. 

Battling Intimidation (28:28)

This video was made to discuss some ways I personally have challenged the battle of intimidation. Intimidation  is one of the most  common  struggles  to overcome in the journey of growing in the prophetic ministry. At the same time once we  understand the  authority we have in Christ, we have confidence that is a battle that can be overcome.


Want to book a follow up discussion? Connect with Diane over a 45 minute call to unpack the content shared and to chat in more detail. As you do this, Diane will be able to help expand your perimeters by speaking into the season you’re in and answer any questions you might have. 


Building Prophetic Culture 2.png
Building Prophetic Culture Workshop (03:17:22)

I recently did this workshop for a church wanting to introduce prophetic culture. Many have asked for a teaching resource to supplement the Prophetic Team Workbook & here it is! There are 2 practical activites outlined in the workshop. The target group would be individuals or groups wanting to see & develop prophetic culture in their local church and are looking for a healthy model to follow. Diane shares her 25 year experience building teams in her local church. 

Price: Video only ($30) or Video & Discussion ($50)



Cover Only.png
This is That: 100 Question & Answers About Prophecy

This easy-to-read book will benefit, not only pastors, but anyone who wants to increase their understanding of the prophetic. This is That: 100 Questions & Answers About Prophecy demystifies prophecy. It is not a book of theory; it is a practical guide that includes definitions, explanations, and advice about prophecy   and prophetic ministry. Interesting in purchasing a copy? Order now by email.  

This is That
The Power of Prophetic Teams

In this practical guide, Diane shares from her 25 years of experience in prophetic ministry. You will learn how to organize, identify, and train prophetic people, including specifics of where to begin, giving feedback, specific exercises, guidelines for appropriate ministry, accountability processes and building trust.

Power of Prophetic
Instructor Guide.jpg
Prophetic Team Workbook (Instructor Guide)

The Instructor Guide contains some general instructions, along with the Workbook Answer Key and Practical Prophetic Activities for each of the ten lessons in the Workbook, plus an additional collection of various activities for use in the development of prophetic people.

Instructor Guide
Prophetic Team Workbook (Student Guide)

The workbook consist of 10 foundational teachings and activations on the prophetic. It is a practical guide for those practicing prophecy in a local church or learning to prophesy to expand to the marketplace. The teachings and exercises are a great resource in practically guiding people to be released in their gifting.

Student Guide
30 Days of Inspiration: A Prophetic Devotional

We all want to hear God's voice more clearly. This inspiring daily devotional will empower you to push beyond thoughtfulness and meditation to a lifestyle of listening and responding to the Holy Spirit. DIane will challenge you with practical exercises to develop your prophetic gifting, increase your faith and fulfill your destiny.

Manual Del Equipo Profetico (Spanish)

Profetico Diane Harrison ha compilado este manual por solicitud de muchos que deseaban empezar un equipo profético pero que carecían de acceso a recursos prácticos. Ustedes encontrarán aquí una colección de lecciones prácticas y actividades que ella ha usado exitosamente con numerosos individuos, en la enseñanza de lo profético por más de 25 años. Aunque el don profético habita dentro de las personas, este don debe ser desarrollado y desatado para poder servir de una manera práctica al cuerpo de Cristo. Estas enseñanzas y ejercicios son un gran recurso para dicho propósito. El manual ayuda a otros a aprender como identificar y entrenar a la gente profética, detallando por donde comenzar, dando lineamientos de retroalimentación para un apropiado ministerio, rendición de cuentas y construcción de confianza.

Obsessively Grateful Gratitude Journal by Raelyn Harrison

Gratitude is like a superpower! It can have an enormous impact on our life and in our relationships. It humbles us. it teaches us. It can even heal us. Gratitude is also a choice. It can be so easy to focus on the negative, we've all been there! Take this opportunity to create a new way of thinking, where seeing the positive is your new default. Start your journey of gratitude with this 52 week journal. It is packed with colourful pages, space to write 3 to 5 things you are thankful for every day, inspirational quotes, and weekly thought provoking questions.

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